Monday, August 22, 2016

Salukis: The Most Magical Dogs in the Universe

I first discovered the Saluki a couple of weeks ago while browsing Pinterest. They and their lanky Windhound and Wolfhound bretheren have taken over my Dog board. But what makes the Saluki the most Magical of these long and limber breeds is those EARS. Those fabulous fabulous ears!

© Ninni Österholm
Super-model dog
Not only do they have gloriously short coats to show off their lanky limbs & sleek bodies (as compared to the Silken Windhound or the Borzoi), but you have that contrasted with the luxurious locks on those amazing ears. I'm in love.

© Paul Croes & Inge Nelis

Not only do they have beautiful long flowy ear-hairs, they come in a wide array of eye-popping colors.

El Ubaids Saluki
link to original
Alla Fina Hundar

And they have beautiful flowy tails and butt fluffs!

And if you're all about that perfect muscle symmetry, they come in a smooth coat as well:

Check out that curly tail and deep chest... ooh yeah!

They also look super fly in all of these fashionable dog accessories with which to adorn their long necks.

© Maria K Steinsson
SO regal.

Aruby Sighthound
© Kari Kinnunen

Want to know more? Yes... yes you do.

See? Magical.

Also, I drew one, because I love them so.

Buy it on Etsy!

♥Ciara Kay


  1. I wonder what they are like in the temperament department? I've never seen one in person - they seem to be pretty rare where we live at least! Their lanky long legs and shape of the head reminds me of Mimzy a little (Mimzy with more hair and longer body and nose:)

    1. I hear they are pretty aloof and cat-like... They originated in Egypt, and I think they're a lot more popular in Europe for that reason ;)


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