Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Podcast Roundup // Comedies

Hey! Another podcast roundup! I adore podcasts. They get me through the work day (and any other day, really). This week I wanted to share a few of my favorite comedy podcasts. Enjoy!

Lizard People // (not kid-friendly) If you are as into conspiracy theories as I am, or would like to be as into conspiracy theories as I am, this is the podcast for YOU! In each episode, host Katelyn Hempstead lets a guest do their best to convince her that their favorite conspiracy is fact, and at the end she scores them on how much she wants to believe and how much she actually believes in said conspiracy. Pure delight & hilarity ensues.

Something Rather Than Nothing // Ok, Preston Yancey is not only a wonderful Anglican/evangelical author and theologian, he is HILARIOUS. He only got three episodes in to this super fun interview show before his son Jackson was born with several health problems, but I hope that once he and his family settle in to a less stressful routine he will pick it back up. I love the premise of this podcast and I love listening to Mr. Yancey.

Spontaneanation // (not kid-friendly) I had no idea who Paul F. Tompkins was when I started listening to this show... but a few minutes in I blurted out, "IT'S MR. PEANUTBUTTER." I was very happy to go on imagining Mr. Peanutbutter as the host of the show until I saw PFT in human form on another tv show, and what a sad day it was. Regardless, the man is super funny. His announcer-voice thing totally kills it on this show and I simply cannot get enough. Everything about it is hilarious: the monologue, the interview, the narrative improv, even the ADS. Go listen now!

And remember to please share YOUR favorite comedy podcasts in the comments below!! I'm always up for a wholesome (or not-so-wholesome) laugh.

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. I can't wait till I get to drive to sales calls on my own so I can listen to these podcasts! Don't think Tim or Tony Long would dig it, lol:)

    1. There is definitely language in Lizard People and Spontaneanation! But I love them both. ;) I think you'd like Spontaneanation better.


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