Sunday, August 21, 2016

Camp Wilder: A Week with the Nieces

Jamie and I just got done with a whole week of fun with our two nieces, Eleni (age 9) and Madalyne (age 7). We brought them home with us last Sunday and the fun never stopped! A library stop, yummy foods, video games, roller coasters and boogie boards, all four of us had a very memorable week. We decided to call it "Camp Wilder," and I even made t-shirts for us all to decorate.

[I do apologize for the bad photo quality in some of these... Life lesson: don't use zoom on an iPhone 5 camera!]

Mine, Jamie's, Eleni's, Madalyne's
All decorated & ready for FUN
First order of business: get the girls on the Giant Dipper! The verdict? It was scary, but a little bit fun (they were so proud of themselves for going on it). Their favorite ride was the space bumper cars, which we did twice.
This Boardwalk pic cracks me up.
Madalyne won a fish in the balloon-popping game! And enjoyed the Carousel. She named her horse "Winter Snow" and Jamie's horse "Summer Breeze." She eventually named the fish "Goonla." I have no idea where she gets these ideas from.
Enjoying some art at Firefly before dropping me off at work the next morning
The Mystery Spot was definitely a highlight! I had to work, but Jamie and the girls had never been and they all had a blast.
In front of the bumper-stickered car
On Thursday night we went to Wilder Ranch to have a picnic on the beach and look for Geocaches along the bluffs. We found two! And saw pelicans, seagulls, an otter, seals, two rabbits, quails, and a dead bird.

...and we explored some caves.

On Saturday we all went to the beach in Capitola. Madalyne & Eleni quickly made it their goal to collect ALL of the seaweed.
Quite a pile accrued.

Rented a boogie board for Eleni - she LOVED it

Oh, joy!

Today we made another stop at the best bagel place in town, Firefly Coffee House! Yum! Hot chocolate with caramel for the girls, light roasts for us, bagels & cream cheese all around.
Now our little apartment feels SO empty! We will miss these two... both of these little loves have so much joy to share. We loved borrowing our nieces for a week, and we can't wait to do it again soon!

Do you have any fond memories with aunts & uncles, grandpas & grandmas? I LOVE family traditions and stories from childhood. Do share in the comments!

♥ Ciara Kay


  1. This is Mom (on dad's google account:)- So cool! You showed your nieces a wonderful, magical week that they will NEVER forget! The only time I spent a week with my Aunt Christine, I was 3 or 4 so only have pictures that my Uncle Bill took to remind me that it even happened! I do have memories of Uncle Bill Cole, playing piano, doing yo-yo tricks, playing chess and "Doctor" (using our little kiddie medical kits and giving us 'shots"), and taking me for a ride in his souped up corvette on Highway 50! Bill was only in his 20's then- he was the uber-cool uncle!

    1. Haha, that sounds like Uncle Bill! :)


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