Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Podcast Roundup // True Stories

As I mentioned last week, I like many have become obsessed with podcasts. And I thought I'd recommend a few of my favorites! Last week I introduced some of my favorite docudramas, this week I thought I'd share some of my favorite podcasts of true tales.

Note: not all of these podcasts are kid-friendly, either due to language or subject matter.

Lore // Host Aaron Mahnke tells well these eerie and spine-chilling true tales from history. Some stories explain the origins of many of myths and legends that are still around today, and very often the truth is WAY scarier than the myth. Mahnke does an excellent job of leaving the final conclusions up to the listener. Don't listen alone unless you want to be up all night!! Seriously. Every episode is terrifying.

Serial // Each season, journalist Sarah Koenig dives deep into one story. The first season was a fascinating crime story, an old murder case with some fishy facts that no one ever seemed to get to the bottom of the first time it went through the courts. The second season covered Bowe Bergdahl, the American soldier captured by the Taliban in 2009. While I'm partial to crime stories, Bowe's case was told in the same compelling way and I was soon hooked. I await the third season with much anticipation!

Snap Judgement // If you've somehow managed to catch up on every episode of "This American Life," it's time to move on to Snap Judgement. Host Glynn Washington definitely knows how to tell stories with style, and like Ira Glass he introduces the theme for each episode with a story of his own.

Someone Knows Something // Essentially "Serial," but with delightful Canadian accents! Someone Knows Something season 1 covers the cold case of Adrien McNaugton, a little boy who went missing in Arnprior, Ontario. I have hopes that in the aftermath of this season more information about Adrien will turn up.

Sounds of the Trail // Even if you have no interest in hiking across the country, you'll enjoy hearing the crazy stories of the people who do. Let's go for a hike!

This American Life // Now you can listen to this quintessential NPR radio show whenever and wherever! Ira Glass is lovely to listen to, and the stories they share are always interesting and engaging. I've learned a lot from this podcast as they share stories from experts, and I've had my preconceived ideas challenged by the diversity in their stories as well. An eye-opening glimpse into, well, this American life.

Please please let me know of your favorite non-fiction story podcasts in the comments! I'm always on the prowl for a good story...
♥ Ciara Kay

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