Friday, September 30, 2016

Patreon 2: the Re-Launch

The Buffalo Show - my original purpose for Patreon

Ok, I know that NPR is doing it's pledge drive and that ya'll are probably sick of folks asking you for money, but here goes. Remember that time, way back in 2014, when I had this Buffalo Project and I needed extra cash to frame stuff? I used Patreon, because it seemed like a great way for me to share my work and earn a little money doing it. Well, guess what... I'm doing it again! This time, though, I'm having TWO shows... and beyond!

I love Patreon because it allows me to get some payment for the work I'm doing, and it allows you to be part of that work in a very tangible way! You can donate as much or as little as you want (the reward tiers are just a little extra incentive - like the green beach towel you get for pledging more than $15 a month to your public radio station, but hopefully prettier), and if you donate more than two bucks a month (which is less than the cost of a small black coffee here in Santa Cruz, y'know), you'll get access to even more behind-the-scenes goodness. Last time, I posted updates multiple times a month with photos, thoughts, plans, ideas, processes, sketches, works in progress and more, and I intend to continue that practice.

But, this Patreon campaign will be a little different. Yes, I do have two shows coming up in Summer of 2017 that I need money to frame, but I want to go beyond that. Like I said to my current patrons, I feel like I've been tiptoeing into the art world for YEARS, but now it's finally time for me to stride in and take my place. I don't feel ready, but I know that I need to start acting like I am, because I will never feel ready and waiting around until I do is literally wilting my soul. For me, right now, I need to make my art my first priority. I'd like to make a living at it too, and Patreon is there to help you help me meet that goal! And artists should get paid, after all! We just have to be a little creative about how we do it.

Don't worry though! I won't quit putting up photos on instagram, sharing works-in-progress and sketches, or posting my thoughts... All of that will remain free for your consumption! Patreon is simply a way for you to let me know that what you think I'm doing is valuable.

Side note: don't feel like you need to donate forever and always... You can always choose to spend your money elsewhere or change your donation amount for any reason. It's your money! I just hope you'll throw a little of it my way. :)

So please, go check out my Patreon page. Consider donating a dollar, two dollars, or more per month. Become a supporter of the arts by supporting me, your artist friend! I'll be eternally grateful.

♥ Ciara

P.S. PLEASE feel free to ask me any questions at all about Patreon, how it works & why I'm using it, in the comments below or via email: catsandscales [at] gmail [dot] com.

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