Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Podcast Roundup // Creativity & Lifestyle

Podcasts are a wealth of entertainment AND good information! I love these podcasts for the inspiration and sense of camaraderie they provide... we're all trying to figure out what it means to be creative humans in the 2000s, and I'm so super grateful to these folks for sharing their stories and giving us some great tools as we get on our way!

Art for Your Ear // (not necessarily kid-friendly) Danielle Krysa is SO fun to listen to, and she's a wonderful, casual, and enthusiastic host. One of my biggest dreams is to be interviewed by her some day! Danielle, if you're reading this, put me on your "to-interview" list! Danielle interviews some of her favorite artists, and asks them all kinds of wonderful questions about their backgrounds, their processes, and whether or not they like chips or sweets (the answer should always be chips). This podcast is PACKED with inspiration! I love to listen while I'm working on my own art.

Happier // What I love about Gretchen is that she is aware that she is a bit hokey and over-the-top as a happiness guru, but she does it anyway. She is a very Type-A personality, balanced out by her co-host and sister, Elizabeth, who is far more laid back. They are the perfect pair as they go through tips and tricks about how to be happier! Which I know sounds like they're selling snake oil, but you guys, everyone could be a little happier. And if you believe it'll work, it magically does.

Magic Lessons // (not kid-friendly) Another creativity/happiness guru of sorts, Elizabeth Gilbert, has just begun Season Two of her new podcast and it is GREAT. I love that they've changed the format to be one episode per lesson instead of three... it's a longer listen and feels much more satisfying and complete. Liz is a wonderful cheerleader and tells it like it is. She's a wee bit "woo" for some, but if you can get into it, this is a great listen.

What podcasts inspire you to go make stuff?

♥ Ciara Kay

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